Mark Millar,John Romita,: Kick-Ass 3

Kick-Ass 3


Mark Millar and John Romita's mega-selling series returns for its final story! Hit-Girl is in jail, leaving Kick-Ass to lead the super hero team Justice Forever. But super heroes have been outlawed, leaving Kick-Ass to dodge both cops and some terrifying new foes! For the first ti me, Kick-Ass is beginning to have doubts. Is he in too deep to get out? Meanwhile, Hit-Girl starts running all the gangs in the joint, and a broken Red Mist gets an education from a terrifying crime boss. But when the new Skull and Bones vigilante team debuts and dissension hits Justice Forever's ranks, will Kick-Ass be able to fend off a coup? And when he fi nally takes a stand against JF's newest member, will the rest of the team back him up?COLLECTING: KICK-ASS 3 1-8

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Author: Mark Millar,John Romita,
Number of Pages: 184 pages
Published Date: 23 Sep 2014
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780785184881
Download Link: Click Here


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